Research & Development

The research and development, or the R&D department, was set up at Hub-Pak in 1991. This is when the research on salt quality started at Hub-Pak. The department was set up for the sole reason of continuous quality improvement and customer satisfaction maximization.
The department was given clear instructions to focus mainly on the customers and their requirements. This is another reason why Hub-Pak is an excellent and smart choice for our customers.

Quality Management

The R&D department would not have become this successful in fulfilling their targets if it would not have been for our customers. Our customers, with their continuously changing quality requirements, have always kept us working on quality management and improvements. We are delighted to say that we have never let our customers down and will maintain this level of service for the future.

Salt Technology

The R&D department’s initial purpose was to improve the salt qualities and fulfil customer requirements only, but now their scope has been enhanced. They are now developing new processes and have already designed many pioneer projects in the salt technology field. Some of the prominent achievements include the development of Pink Salt Flakes - a first in the world! Achievement of Zero Liquid Discharge on our industrial wastewater is also one of our pioneering recycling techniques and proof our of commitment to being an environmentally friendly organization.

Future ProjectsSome of the current and future projects in hand are

CSD of Salt

Effects of impurities on CSD (Crystal Size Distribution) of salt


A new method of finding out the percentage purity of salt in the presence of a high concentration of SO-24.

Purity Levels

Pollution of the seas and its long-term effects on human health, including the recent global concerns of micro-plastics contamination in sea salts.


Direct manufacturing of coloured salt using the transition metal.


Dual Collection of Bromine and Potassium from the BPS stream as Potassium Bromide (KBr).