Rock Salt Tiles are important in the construction of speleotherapy cabins. The square salt tile is used to make these cabins. Speleotherapy cabin is a room or area with Salt Crystal Rock tiled walls where people sit and breathe ionized air, i.e. natural negative ions.
In the European countries like Ukraine, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Armenia and Pakistan in Asia have utilized the underground, used up salt mines as speleotherapy clinics and people visit there in large numbers. Many patients cannot afford to go to these mines due to the distance and traveling fatigue. Those who cannot travel to these areas can get these cabins installed in their houses. Rock salt tiles are used to make the walls of the cabin and the flooring is also topped with rock salt tiles. Latest cabins are being constructed by using lights behind the walls of rock salt tiles which give a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. Hub-Pak has many sizes to offer to its customers. Please click here to see sample images of salt tiles.

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