• Chlor-Alkali Grade

    The membrane Chlor-Alkali is basically produced from purified Sodium Chloride. The trouble free production of Chlorine and Caustic Soda is heavily dependent on the quality of salt. The demand for quality salt has been greatly increased by the introduction of membrane technology into the Chlor-Alkali Electrolysis. The life of the membrane cells is determined by the quality of salt used as raw material. On the other hand, the consumption of electricity is dependent on the level of impurities in the salt.

  • Double Fortified

    Double Fortified salt with Iron and Iodine is available in two grades at Hub-Pak. This idea of double fortification was conceived by those researchers who have been researching on this activity for well over 20 years. We have developed the process and now double fortified salt with Iron and Iodine is available in two different grades.

  • Dyes Manufacturing

    The Dye Manufacturing Grade of salt is not only used to improve the color of the dye on different fabrics but is also an important ingredient in the making of the dyes. There are about 5 different grades offered by Hub-Pak to this industry.

  • Extra-Pure Ar Grade (Analytical-Reagent)

    The Extra-Pure AR Grade of salt is a grade that is produced with the maximum level of purity. It is produced at a purity level that exceeds the international requirements of all pharmacopoeias globally. The AR grade is available in one kg, laboratory friendly bottles only.

  • Flossy Salt

    Leather is developed using animal skin and hides. These skins and hides are chemically treated to preserve the quality and the texture. This process is known as tanning. After going through this process, the leather becomes strong, flexible and is able to resist decay. Different animal skins and hides are used to make leather which includes horses, cattle, goats, cows, calves, lambs, deer, kangaroos, reptiles, seals and walruses.

  • Oil Drilling Grade Salt

    The main use of the Hub-Pak oil drilling grade salt is in the export market due to its premium quality. Exported to numerous countries, the company offers different grades starting from PVD to lower grade salts of 97% purity.

  • Oil Refinery Grade

    The Oil Refinery Grade is mainly produced for and supplied to the petro-chemical and the oil refinery industry. The quality of the salt along with the size and size distribution of the salt is important since they are used in the production of oil and other fuels.

  • Salt Tablet

    The salt tablet produced at Hub-Pak is used for both domestic and industrial use. The salt tablets are produced using salt from vacuum salt plant. The salt tablets are also produced in two different qualities; the pharmaceutical grade and the food grade. Hub-Pak guarantees that each salt tablet produced by them is purely made of salt and can be compared to any grain of salt. Importance is put on the strength, smoothness and firmness in compaction while production of these salt tablets. The tablets dissolve when put in water, so that the uneven or un-dissolved salt does not create any problems by building up in the base of the softener.

  • Sheep Casing Grade

    The Sheep Casing Grade of salt is used mainly to preserve the sheep casings in Pakistan to later use for the manufacturing of leather. There are about 10 different grades of salt supplied to the customers with different requirements.

  • Soap, Detergent and Glycerin

    Salt is an essential ingredient in the manufacturing process of Soap, Detergent and Glycerin.
    Hub-Pak offers 5 different grades of salt ideal to fulfill the requirements of the soap, detergent and glycerin manufacturers.

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