Extra-Pure Ar Grade (Analytical-Reagent)
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Extra-Pure AR Grade (Analytical-Reagent)

Extra-Pure Ar Grade (Analytical-Reagent)

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The Extra-Pure AR Grade of salt is a grade that is produced with the maximum level of purity. It is produced at a purity level that exceeds the international requirements of all pharmacopoeias globally. The AR grade is available in one kg, laboratory friendly bottles only.

Product Description

The production of the extra pure grade of salt was started in late 1999. Currently, this grade of salt is being marketed and supplied in one kg, laboratory friendly bottles only. This grade of salt meets and exceeds the international limits of the leading pharmacopoeias of the world, making it a smart choice for the people to buy.

Nacl m.wt = 58.44 g/mol



  • Assay 99.5 to 100.5%
  • Ph (5% w/v solution) 5 – 7.5
  • Bromide (br) <0.004%
  • Ferro cyanide [fe (cn) 6] nil
  • Iodide (i) <0.001%
  • Phosphate (p04) <0.002%
  • Sulphate (s04) <0.004%
  • Heavy metals (pb) <0.0005%
  • Ammonium (nh4) <0.002%
  • Arsenic (as) <0.0001%
  • Barium (ba) <0.0005%
  • Calcium (ca) <0.001%
  • Magnesium (mg) <0.001%
  • Iron (fe) <0.0002%
  • Potassium (k) <0.01%
  • Loss on drying (130°c) <0.4%
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