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Black Salt – Coarse

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Black Salt is rich in minerals and iron that gives it the dark purple color. This salt is mostly used in salads and fruit dressings. The coarse grains can be used with salt grinders to give a fresh flavor.

Product Description

Black Salt is an edible product that has a distinct sulfurous flavor. The salt is rich in minerals and iron which gives it the dark color. The color is not really black as the name suggests, it has a dark purple color. black salt is preferred by vegetarians and is used mostly on top of salads and fruit dressings. According to many, the flavor of black salt resembles with the flavor of hard-boiled eggs.

The coarse grains have a comparatively rough texture and larger grains in comparison to fine grain salt. The coarse crystals can also be put inside a handy table salt grinder and directly milled onto dishes for a fresher flavor.

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