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Oil Refinery Grade

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The Oil Refinery Grade is mainly produced for and supplied to the petro-chemical and the oil refinery industry. The quality of the salt along with the size and size distribution of the salt is important since they are used in the production of oil and other fuels.

Product Description

Oil Refinery Grade Salt is a premium product and has to be of high quality because of its use in the oil refinery industry and the petro-chemical industry. In oil refineries, the hydro-desulfurization units for Jet and Diesel need coalescer and salt dryer when stripper column is designed with direct stripping steam. The salt dryer completely avoids product off specification in water content and appearance.

The size and the size distribution of the particles hold great importance in these industries. Small particles will cause corrosion on downstream system due to salt carry-over and big particles will inactive surface area.

Hub-Pak has numerous competitive advantages when it comes to the grade of rock salt like the size management, screening, drying and packaging. Furthermore, our advanced and sophisticated plant makes all possible efforts to directly ship to our customers, as soon as possible. This practice avoids contamination, moisture building during transportation and thus also minimizes the damage caused to crystals while over handling.

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