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Pyramid lamp

Pyramid lamp

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Pyramid Lamp when placed over a source of light, gives a beautiful shine with a warm glow and enhances your home décor by creating a perfect room accent along with keeping the environment healthy and fresh.

Product Description

Pyramid Lamp features a crystal salt block that comes from a mine in the Himalayas. This lamp is ideal to be placed in your homes, specifically living spaces and home theater settings. The lamp creates a perfect room accent when placed over a light. The warm glow of the lamp enhances the home decor.

To be placed on a hardwood base, the Pyramid lamp also adds a great visual appeal to side tables and display shelves. The unique feature of this lamp is that it works as an air purifier by creating negative ions in the air, therefore helping individuals in fighting depression and reducing stress. Available in the box size 6x6x8″, it serves as a great source in keeping the environment healthy and fresh.


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