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Smoked Fleur De Sel Pyramids

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Smoked Fleur De Sel Pyramids are the result of the Pyramid Crystals being smoked for a certain period of time that can range from between 48 hours and up to 120 hours, as per customer’s desired smoking flavor intensity requirements. This desirable combination is available in pyramid shaped flakes that can be crushed by hand and sprinkled over dishes to give them a barbecue flavor.

Product Description

Smoked Fleur De Sel Pyramids are edible flakes of salt that have the unique properties of Fleur De Sel and the flavor of the smoked salt. Fleur De Sel is a rare, flaky salt that is made by carefully scraping the top crust of the salt that develops over the surface of salt water from lakes or the oceans. The smoked salt is an aromatic edible salt product that has a unique smoke flavor.

This salt is popularly used to enhance the barbecue flavor in different dishes, but it is not limited to barbecued dishes only.


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