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Smoked Salt Fine

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Smoked Salt Fine is an edible salt that has a smoke flavor. It is mostly used in barbecued dishes for enhancing the flavor. The fine grains easily dissolve into liquid mixtures.

Product Description

Smoked Salt is popularly used to enhance the barbecue flavor in different dishes, but it is not limited to barbecued dishes only. The production is all natural and no chemicals, artificial flavors or colors are used. The smoke flavor is added into the salt by putting the salt over burning wood for around 72 hours. This process makes sure that the salt does not have a strange aftertaste.

The smoked salt is available in fine grains as well as coarse grains. The fine grains can directly be sprinkled on top of the dishes, whereas the coarse grains can be used in salt grinders to sprinkle onto the food for a fresher taste.  


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