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The sea salt, also known as the solar salt, is the smallest source of salt in Pakistan. It is produced through the evaporation of the sea water. The production of this salt is carried out at 7 different factories of Hub-Pak, with the total production of more than 1,100 tons per day or 330,000 tons per year.

The qualities of the salt produced at each of these factories vary, since the conditions at each factory are different. Karachi enjoys suitable conditions like the excellent sea shore and fast winds all around the year. Keeping this in mind, all the seven factories are located in or around the cosmopolitan city of Karachi.

With the ideal conditions in the city, the purity level of salt can go up to 98% of purity at times. Depending on the season and the individual factory management, the purity levels vary between 95% and 98%. Average rainfall in Karachi is quite low throughout the year. This helps in the production of solar salt.

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