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Hub Salt attends a meeting at High Commission of Pakistan in the United Kingdom “Pakistani exporters must not only create world-class products but should ensure full compliance of global standards as well as a total understanding of distribution requirements of the UK market”. This advice was given by Mr. Nafees
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Salt Therapy Image
Salt Room- Salt Therapy Can Clear Your Mind from Stress and Sinuses The Salt Secret I was invited a while ago to visit the Salt Room. As a big fan of the salty ocean scent, I thought it might be a little like a day at the beach, so off
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What are the benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt? Pakistan has huge deposits of natural salt in its Balochistan and Punjab regions. Natural rock salt has multiple health benefits apart from it’s industrial and ornamental benefits. Today we’ll discuss the health benefits of Himalayan pink salt and how it can help
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Benefits of Himalayan Salt
HOW IS IT DIFFERENT FROM OTHER SALTS? Out of 12 different salts, Himalayan Pink Salt is the purest and most beneficial salt throughout the world. These 12 salts being used worldwide are listed below: Himalayan Pink Salt Table Salt Sea Salt Kosher Salt Celtic Sea Salt Fleur De Sel Kala
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Himalayan Pink Salt Licks for Horses
Since ancient times, steeds have assisted men in traversing vast distances. Before cars, aeroplanes, and motorcycles, horses were the statement of class and regality among people with the breed and horse’s vitality as defining characteristics of the status and power of its rider. Majority of elites and superrich partake in
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Pink Rock Salt For Cattle
Himalayan Pink Salt In Winter Winters usher in a dangerous period for livestock across the globe. With temperatures dropping, most farm owners and ranchers get vigilant to ensure that their animals are given the right diet for the season. Horses and sheep are especially vulnerable to cold weather which makes
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Therapy With Himalayan Pink Salt
Hub Salt Halotherapy With Himalayan Pink Salt Breathe, Heal & Repeat! Halotherapy or salt therapy is a natural drug-free treatment using micro salt particles in the air (inhaling and breathing). It is a modern variation of an old Eastern European treatment. It cures sleep disorders, depressions, and helps with physical
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Lick Salt Block for Cattle By Hub Salt
Compressed Lick Salt Block for Cattle By Hub Salt WHAT IS SALT? Salt is composed of Sodium and Chloride primarily, but it also carries other elements like Phosphorus, Calcium and Magnesium. Sodium maintains a blood pH level while the Chlorine helps with digestion. SYMPTOMS OF SALT DEFICIENCY IN ANIMALS? This