Industrial Salts

  • Water Softeners Salt Tablets

    The salt tablets produced at Hub-Pak are used for both domestic and industrial uses. There are two types of salt tablets, an economical grade of tablets is made using Refined Salt and the second grade which is superior in quality is produced using salt from the Vacuum salt (PVD) plant.

    The PVD salt tablets are also produced in two different qualities, the pharmaceutical grade and the food grade. Hub-Pak guarantees that each salt tablet produced by them is purely made of salt and can be compared to any grain of salt. The importance is put on the strength, smoothness and firmness in compaction during the production of these salt tablets. PVD tablets dissolve 100% when put in water so that the uneven or un-dissolved salt does not create any problems by building up in the base of the softener.


    Salt Tablets For Water Softeners

  • Sheep Casing Grade Salt

    The Sheep Casing Grade of salt is used to preserve the sheep casings in Pakistan to later use for the manufacturing of sheep leather for the shoes and bags industry.


    Sheep Casing Grade

  • Salt for Soap, Detergent And Glycerin

    Salt is an essential ingredient in the manufacturing process of Soap, Detergent and Glycerin.
    Hub-Pak offers 5 different grades of salt ideal to fulfil the requirements of the soap, detergent and glycerin manufacturers.

    The manufacturing process of soap, detergent and glycerin involves the use of salt. During this process, the soap is washed with concentrated brine solution (NaCl) to separate glycerin. This is done after the saponification reaction.

    The solubility of soap in water increases with an increase in the size of monovalent cations. Similarly, an increase in divalent cations (Ca & Mg) results in a decrease in the solubility. The increase in the water solubility leads to the softness and mushiness of the soap. The divalent ions, Ca & Mg, cause problems during the manufacturing process of the soap by making it mushy and soft.

    There are different grades of salt that fulfil the requirements of the manufacturers of soap, detergent and glycerin manufacturers. In total, there are 5 different grades offered by Hub-Pak to these manufacturers.


    Soap, Detergent And Glycerin

  • Pure Bromine Free Grade Salt

    Hub-Pak enjoys a prominent position in producing the special grade Ultra-Pure Bromine-Free salt. For this purpose, the R&D department of the company has designed an indigenous electrode ionization plant to extract impurities providing the customer with the purest of salt. This plant is used to extract Bromine and has been working smoothly and problem-free since the beginning. The plant has been designed for high inputs of Bromine since raw Brines have a lot of variations.

    The production of Special Ultra-Pure Bromine-Free Grade of salt has only become possible in Pakistan due to the hectic, dedicated and ambitious efforts of our R&D department. It has taken us more than three years to make this special grade completely Bromine-free. The Bromine content in our regular Pyrogen-free grades is in the range of 10 to 40 ppm.

    With the passage of time, we have learned more and more about the system. This has made it possible for us to extract impurities, other than Bromine, as well. Currently, these impurities are going to waste. The R&D department is researching how we can minimize this waste and convert these impurities into useful and valuable products.


    Special Ultra-Pure Bromine Free Grade Salt

    Hub-Pak enjoys a prominent position in producing the special grade Ultra-Pure Bromine-Free salt. For this purpose, the R&D department of the company has

  • Textile Dyeing Grade Salt

    Keeping in mind that Pakistan enjoys a prominent position in cotton production, Hub-Pak provides its customers with the high quality, credible dyeing salt with the main emphasis on maintaining the low hardness in salt and restoring the fabric colour.

    Hub-Pak has specialized in the field of textile since Pakistan is a prime producer of cotton. We have been serving the textile sector for over 15 years now. We make sure that the textile sector is well taken care of by always bringing innovative grades in salt.

    During the process of dyeing, the salt is used in the exhaustion of the dye into the fabric. Salt plays an important role there since it acts as the ionic force that transfers the dye onto the fabric. Poor quality salt gives uneven colour exhaustion which looks bad on the fabric. The hardness the salt is causing with its addition into the dye-bath is given much importance. Therefore, the main emphasis is on maintaining the low hardness in salt. The grades of dyeing salt start from a hardness of 180 ppm (50 g/l) and goes right down to zero hardness (any g/l) and in between there are 7 other different qualities.

    The hardness alone is not the only factor that impacts the dyeing. The impurities also affect the quality of the dyed fabric or yarn. Since we have expertise in this region, we enjoy a handsome domestic market share as well as decades-old export customer that have the guarantee of our high quality, credible dyeing salt that will not create problems while using it for dyeing purposes.


    Textile Dyeing Grade Salt

  • Grade Salt Water Softening 

    The main purpose of the Water Softening Grade of salt, as the name suggests, is to soften the water. The salt contains ion-exchange resins that help soften the water and make it useable in different machines in different industries.

    This grade of salt is used to soften the water before it is used in boilers and various other industrial, residential and commercial applications. Water softeners are filled with ion-exchange resins that soften the water. With time, the resins exhaust and need to be re-generated using salt brines. The quality of the salt plays an important part here as well since low-quality salt can spoil the plant and the resins. The water softening technicians know that poor quality of salt can even plug the valves and pipes other than making the resins being worn out before its stipulated time. It has also been observed that salt with very high residues of Sulphates have proven to be detrimental for the equipment.

    Since quality is given importance at Hub-Pak, the 5 different grades of water softening salt are guaranteed to work for this application. The salt ensures that Sulphate remains low and the resins have a longer life and do not exhaust quickly.


    Water Softening Grade Salt