Caustic-Calcined Magnesium Oxide

The light burned magnesium oxide or Caustic-Calcined Magnesite is a form of Heavy Magnesium Oxide and a reactive grade of magnesium oxide that has been calcined at temperatures ranging from 700ºC – 1000ºC. HPSR’s high purity light burned magnesium oxide products have a wide margin of reactivity and are an essential component in a number of agricultural, environmental, construction and industrial applications. We have carefully studied the requirements of various applications and have formulated our products grade accordingly to suit the exact need of the customer.

Product Quality  

We assure our customers the product of highest quality and guarantee as per required specifications. Our quality control methods ensure the product is tested at every stage of processing. Final quality check is always carried out on finished products before it is dispatched to the customer.


Caustic-Calcined Magnesite
Item  CCM-90 CCM-85 CCM-80 CCM-65
MgO 90.0%min 85.0%min 80.0%min 65.0%min
CaO 3.0%max 4.0%max 5.0%max 9.0%max
SiO2 5.0%max 8.5%max 11.0max 15.0%max
Fe2O3 1.0%max 1.0%max 1.0%max 1.5%max
Al2O3 1.0%max 1.0%max 1.0%max 1.5%max
LOI 4.0%max 7.0%max 9.0%max 25.0%max
Size 200 mesh, 325 mesh


  • Abrasive (Grinding Wheels)
  • Cattle Feed
  • Insulating Material
  • Chemicals (Mg. Salts)
  • Fuel Additive/Neutralizer
  • Refractory
  • Sugar Refining (Juice Processing)
  • Paper & Pulp
  • Glass Manufacture
  • (Decorative/Special Purpose)
  • Leather Tanning
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Fertilizers
  • Flooring
  • Constructions/Cements