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Hub-Pak Salt Refinery

Hub-Pak Salt Refinery is an ISO 9001:2008, HACCP, GMP, GMP+, HALAL and BRC Certified company. We are supplying all the available grades in Sodium Chloride. Having been in the salt industry for the past 32 years, we have learnt the requirements of the market and worked hard to deliver what our customers exactly require.

We started salt business in a very small and humble way in the year 1986, with a capacity of producing one ton of salt per day. Continuous effort for the proper production as well as excellent quality was always there, and thus, the entire team of HUB-PAK started working on an expansion and continuous quality improvement program.

Rock Salt

We are Producing Excellent Quality Refined Salt

We are Producing Excellent Quality Refined Salt at our three different plants with an installed capacity of 3500 tons per day and supplying to almost all the quality mconscious buyers of Salt in Pakistan and abroad.
Besides our plant at Hub, which is dedicated to production of high quality food grade Himalayan Pink Salt, along with other high-end speciality gourmet salts, we are harvesting and up grading salt at Ankerio and Mukhai plants with an installed capacity of 3000 tons per day of industrial salt with harvesting capabilities of up to 10000 tons per day.

HUB-Plant is located at the industrial estate of Hub known as Hub Industrial Trading Estate (H I T E) covering over 50,000 square meters. The main plant is installed in the center with well maintained greenery all around which gives a clear understanding of the environmental policy of HUB-PAK. We are the first Pakistani company and decidedly few in the world, to have achieved zero liquid discharge (ZLD), a terminology of much importance vis-a vis the environment, which in simple terms means that we do not discharge liquid waste products in the drains, thus we can claim to be highly compliant with the environment.

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